REMEZCLA: Arte del mar  Culture The Most Exciting Latino Art & Culture Exhibitions Happening in the Second Half of 2019   People of color do not always get to see their histories and works in museums. While in recent years we’ve seen more inclusion, particularly for Latino communities, these institutions still have a long way to go toContinue reading “REMEZCLA: Arte del mar”

EXHIBITION: ‘Arte del mar: Artistic Exchange in the Caribbean’

Opens Dec. 16! English: Español:  

REVIEW: Golden Kingdoms in WaPo

Post critic Sebastian Smee on Golden Kingdoms! Don’t expect to see a more beautiful show than “Golden Kingdoms: Luxury Arts in the Ancient Americas” anytime soon. The exhibition, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is a fresh, transformative take on pre-Columbian art. It boasts more than 200 objects made from gleaming gold, green and blueContinue reading “REVIEW: Golden Kingdoms in WaPo”