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Doyle, James A., 2017. Architecture and the Origins of Preclassic Maya Politics. Cambridge University Press.

Joanne Pillsbury, Patricia Joan Sarro, James Doyle, and Juliet Wiersema,  2015. Design for Eternity: Architectural Models from the Ancient Americas. New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

*.pdf files unable to be posted publicly are available upon request.

Doyle, James A. 2016. Creation Narratives on Ancient Maya Codex-Style Ceramics in the Met’s Collections. Metropolitan Museum Journal, vol. 51, pp. 42-63. (PDF)

Doyle, James A., and Stephen D. Houston. 2014. Confederate Curio: A Wooden Carving from Tikal, Guatemala. Principal author with Stephen D. Houston. Mexicon XXXVI(5): 139-145. (PDF)

Doyle, James A. 2013. Early Maya geometric planning conventions at El Palmar, Guatemala. Journal of Archaeological Science 40(2): 793-798. (PDF) (c) Elsevier.

Doyle, James A. 2012. Re-Group on “E-Groups”: Monumentality and early centers in the Middle Preclassic Maya Lowlands. Latin American Antiquity 23(4): 355-379. (PDF) (c) Society for American Archaeology.

Doyle, James A., Thomas G. Garrison, and Stephen D. Houston. 2012. Watchful Realms: integrating GIS analysis and political history in the southern Maya lowlands. Antiquity 86(333):792-807. (Link here)

Doyle, James A. 2012 – A Paleographic Approach to Political Change Using Classic Maya Day Sign Variants. In Contributions in New World Archaeology, Vol. 4, J. Źrałka, W. Koszkul, and B. Golińska, pp. 125-137. Jagiellonian University and the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, Cracow.

Simposio de Investigaciones Arqueológicas en Guatemala







Electronic Publications

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