TALK: Community, Royalty, and Artistry in Ancient Mexico

An upcoming lecture at Sewanee on September 26: This presentation will describe the role of artists in ancient Mexico from the earliest known societies to the sumptuous courtly arts of thriving city-states such as those of the Maya and the Aztec. Archaeologists see only traces of most ancient villages that were teeming with life across the landscapeContinue reading “TALK: Community, Royalty, and Artistry in Ancient Mexico”

Notes from the Cenote

While at the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard University, we saw some very special materials made of metal related to our catalog efforts: the offerings in the Cenote of Sacrifice from Chichen Itza, recovered in the early 20th century (Lothrop 1952; see Coggins 1992). We spent quality time with gold disks, especially the meticulousContinue reading “Notes from the Cenote”