BOOK: Architecture and the Origins of Preclassic Maya Politics – May 2017

My book will come out in 2017 with Cambridge University Press.

Architecture and the Origins of Preclassic Maya Politics

ISBN: 9781107145375

From the Press:

Architecture and the Origins of Preclassic Maya Politics highlights the dramatic changes in the relationship of ancient Maya peoples to the landscape and to each other in the Preclassic period (c.2000 BC–250 AD). Offering a comprehensive history of Preclassic Maya society, James Doyle focuses on recent discoveries of early writing, mural painting, stone monuments, and evidence of divine kingship that have reshaped our understanding of cultural developments in the first millennium BC. He also addresses one of the crucial concerns of contemporary archaeology: the emergence of political authorities and their subjects in early complex polities. Doyle shows how architectural trends in the Maya Lowlands in the Preclassic period exhibit the widespread, cross-cultural link between monumental architecture of imposing intent, human collaboration, and urbanism.

Table of Contents Preview!

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Setting
3. Mesoamerican and Maya monumentality, identity, and politics
4. Middle Preclassic Maya E-group plazas: distribution and geopolitics 800–300 BC
5. The architecture and spaces of the early Ajaw, c.300–1 BC
6. Migration and abandonment
7. The Preclassic big picture.

And about me:

James Doyle, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
James Doyle is an archaeologist and Assistant Curator of the Art of the Ancient Americas at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. His areas of expertise include the art and archaeology of Mesoamerica, Central America, and Colombia. He has contributed to major art exhibitions, writes for the Museum’s blog, and promotes pre-Columbian art and archaeology through social media

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